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Welcome to Courtside

My name is Andy and more often than not I'm to be found courtside watching my son Elijah playing the sport he loves; tennis. It's this weekly pilgrimage, coffee in hand, which led me to create the Courtside Podcast.

Courtside is a series of conversations exploring the journey sport-parents go on as we support our children in the sport they love.

Through Courtside you’ll hear from Players, Parents, Coaches and experts in the fields of sports science and adolescent development in order that as Courtside Parents we can create a positive courtside environment, meaning that our children flourish through the culture we create around the sport that they love.

So, how's your courtside culture?

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Feb 15, 2019

Grateful to Kris Soutar for joining us again for a Courtside Mini  (see playing in joy) to bring his reflections around this hot, hot courtside topic:

Wrong Calls...did they see that correctly...did they...cheat?!

We've all experienced it; whether it's our child "miss-calling a line" and that awkward moment or our child being on the receiving end of a "miss-call".

Kris defines cheating as "The desperation to gain an advantage." Which means this months Courtside Mini is not to be missed.


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Have a good one