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My name is Andy and more often than not I'm to be found courtside watching my son Elijah playing the sport he loves; tennis. It's this weekly pilgrimage, coffee in hand, which led me to create the Courtside Podcast.

Courtside is a series of conversations exploring the journey sport-parents go on as we support our children in the sport they love.

Through Courtside you’ll hear from Players, Parents, Coaches and experts in the fields of sports science and adolescent development in order that as Courtside Parents we can create a positive courtside environment, meaning that our children flourish through the culture we create around the sport that they love.

So, how's your courtside culture?

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Nov 29, 2018

Edin Sehovic is a Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, who at the age of 14 was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a diagnosis which started an appreciating of the profound effects of food on the body!

As parents, we know the courtside "energy drink-dealers" pumping their kids full of caffeine and sugar in order to get them through a match - we know them because very often, we are them.

As parents, we hear the headline phrases about "Carb-Loading" and something about protein and muscles....but actually what means, remains a mystery, beyond; "let's have spaghetti bolognese tonight as you have a match tomorrow."

As parents, we've all witness our kids second half performance not being as energetic as the first half. 

In this episode, we'll explore how we can effectively and healthily educate and "fuel-up" (Andy's term here, it's not a technical one) our kids before, during and after their matches. 

  1. What's the link between nutrition and performance?
  2. What is the good stuff to eat? 
  3. When's the right time to eat, especially as start times can be fluid?

Bon Appetit

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